The ideological goals of the religious.

Every ideology has an unattainable goal. This goal is so high and lofty that there’s no human way that anyone can achieve it. There’s stories of people that have. However, these fables are often a part of mythology or folk lore rather than actual reality. These stories fall into the axiom principle because the premise of the unattainable goal is presented as a true thing. Something that exists in reality and doesn’t require evidence to support it. Yet this goal is a farce. It’s a pipe dream made to motivate people that adhere to the ideology. It plays with the hopes and dreams of those who adhere to the ideology while simultaneously tearing the self-esteem down almost to a point of self-loathing. It’s a manipulation of our base emotions to promote a belief from an ideological base.


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It’s important to outline how absurd it is to have an unattainable goal. To give you some insight into how absurd it is allow me to use this analogy. Say you are an amputee. You set a goal that you will grow back both arms. How you reach that goal could be done a number of ways but because of what you believe, there’s only one way to achieve this goal. So you earnestly try to follow the steps outlined by your belief to grow your arms back. You will fail at this goal because humans lack the capability to re-grow appendages. Thus your bold goal of growing your arms back was unattainable and highly absurd.


Let us now return to a familiar and old punching back of Christianity. The lofty and unattainable goal Christianity has for itself is twisted view on humanity. With Christians, the idea is to be forgiven of your sins and be saved before you die less you burn in hell as a sinner. Or at least some fundamentalists will tell you. The very notion of sin is a complicated one but essentially you’re born with sin and it sticks with you. You’re supposed to worship certain ways, pray properly, beg forgiveness constantly, and live in service of your god to wash the sin away. Catholics for example will add atonement through confession where you can tell a priest all your dirty secrets in hopes that god will forgive you through the priest. This absurd notion that you’re born in sin is the very start of an unattainable goal.

The idea of original sin comes from a fable. The fable starts with one person eating the apple of knowledge which cursed humans for all eternity. This absurd claim makes it so the entire human race is born sick and made to be well, as Mr Hitchens would put it. You’re supposed to go through hoops to have your sins forgiven in addition to the original sin all the while being told that your very human nature is evil. Essentially, you’re given goals of how to live that defy human behavior just to appease a mythical character so that character doesn’t torture you for eternity.


For more, I encourage people to read the bible to see the insanity and absurd claims made therein.


Islam’s rules for salvation are probably the most insidious of all religions to date. Yet they too have an unobtainable goal that drives the entire religion into the abyss. Islam is now known as the notorious religion that drives people to insanity because it’s requirements make insanity a necessity. From driving a bus through a crowd to killing people by blowing yourself up; Islam’s martyr requirement is a goal you only get to realize once. It’s not unattainable per say. You do become a martyr for your cause when you kill yourself along with your opponents. However, since there’s nothing after death you just wasted your life. The absurd belief of the promises after death make it an unrealistic goal. In addition, there is the goals that you cannot know Allah without Mohammad and his teachings.

Islam’s teachings contradict each other a lot. The one thing you’ll notice is a narcissistic and persistent ┬ápraise to the prophet. You literally cannot do anything in that religion without praise to either Allah, or Mohammed. The way the Quran reads, you could easily see how one might assume they are one in the same. Since you cannot gain the favor of a dead man, there’s no way to appease Mohammed. Much like the problem of sin and how to get yourself free of it, the unattainable goal of achieving Allah’s blessing is absurd from the start.


There are many more and I encourage everyone to at least read it once to truly understand why Islam is the way it is.


The unattainable goal of feminism can be found in it’s very definition. The easy part of picking apart the secular ideologies is that they don’t have convoluted doctrine associated with faith claims. they typically align with political claims which are driven by emotional reasoning and not reality. So let’s give that definition.

The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

The very premise is an absurd and unattainable goal. To get the equality of the sexes we would have to negate biology, individuality, capabilities, and more. The problem starts from the nebulous definition and presupposition just like the religious approaches to the unattainable goal. Lets start with what equality should be about, equality of opportunity. The arguments presented are one sided and not attainable by any man. For example, the access to birth control and abortion. Men, by definition, cannot abort children. This subject is entirely about women because they want “equal access.” Well, if we went to equal access for opportunity to abort children, men cannot so women should not be able to either. That would be equality. But that’s not what they advocate for. So lets instead flip to equality of outcome, what feminism truly aspires to.

To obtain equality of outcome you need to start at the lowest common denominator. This means that the genius female could never achieve more than the dumbest man. The astrophysicist must work construction because the construction worker doesn’t understand the fundamentals of astrophysics let alone any theory or law therein. The CEO man must also spend all his time working at home as the primary care for his children (if any). The point is that the goals, aspirations, capabilities, and other individual configurations or achievements a single person can do is immediately void because you cannot achieve more than the lowest of your achievers. Thus, if you have people that think they are too entitled to work, then all others must equally have the outcome of social loafing. But then, who decides the lowest common denominator really? If we strive for equality of outcome there should be a standard. We can’t all be CEO’s so that’s not an option. We all cannot have the same outcome based on achievements because that isn’t equality of outcome but equality of opportunity. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


The unattainable goal is a driver for ideological thinking. It’s a goal to be perfect but is unattainable by anyone. Ever. Starting sick and compelled to be well is impossible because the premise assumes you’re broken before you begin. There’s no way to fix what’s not broken. Praising and gaining favor from the dead is impossible. The dead tell no tales nor can they speak…. They’re dead. Equality of opportunity is more likely than equality of outcome. However, on certain issues the equality of outcome is equally impossible as the equality of opportunity. Outcome just happens to be more plausible.


What other goals can you see that are set before you but unattainable in your ideology? Is enlightenment obtainable when you can never stop your base desire to live, eat, or defecate? Is socialism possible with peoples innate desire for ownership and pride?