The shaming of privileges. A twisted exploitation of victim mentality.

We all have certain privileges that we were born into. These privileges may be very obvious or they may be discrete. The use and abuse of those privileges also varies depending on the individual that has said privileges. Now if this all sounded a bit like the newspeak of the SJW’s it’s because they’ve stolen a rudimentary fact of social structures and our hierarchy of birth and adopted a victim mentality on those privileges. Privilege is oppression according to the church of intersectionality.

All Praise to the Highest Order of Oppression!


Let us first make sure that we know that privilege is a real thing. People do have privileges and are born with advantages that others may not have. What the Alt-Left have done is create privilege statuses out of systems that don’t inherit privilege. So first, lets talk about how you can inherit privilege and what privileges really are.

As with all points I like to make I first define my terms. I also refrain from redefining terms to suite my narrative so I refer to the dictionary for the definition of privilege.

In addition to privilege, lets define oppression.

For the user of Oppression we will use the first definition. We are not discussing the synonym of depression for this particular topic.

Lets break this down through each intersectional point to demonstrate why the claim of privilege is a ghost story. It’s intent is to give one in the opposing target audience a sense of victimization on which the rest of the platform operates. The privilege creates an oppression of the opposite population. Since I am the paramount target of the oppressor olympics I’ll use each of my own attributes, which give a cop enough description to identify me in a line up, as a demonstration.

Let’s start with the most obvious part of my description and the claim of privilege. My male privilege exists in the mind of intersectionality as a benefit, an advantage, to my life. I should, by all means, be able to go and get a job before a woman. I should be able to be paid more than other women in my industry. I should be able to push aside any woman because as a male I come first. In fact, if a woman applies for my job, it should be thrown out as a slight because I am a white male and therefore my privilege allows me to be in the position I am in.

The previous statement of my male privilege is an entire belief system centered around the assumption that my “maleness” grants me privileges beyond women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, I’ve had plenty of experiences, demographic information, studies, and more that conclude the exact opposite of the claim that I have male privilege. This could only be true if you twist the definition of privilege to state it’s possible. The reality of the situation requires a re-definition of terms to make reality conform to ideology.

Getting to the point of this blog, the shaming of privileges is mud flinging based on assumptions contrived by sociological claims to reality which have no merit or any bearing of truth. It’s a creation of prejudices that define what it is to be a cis white male then use that presumption to demonize anyone that is a cis white male regardless if their prejudice is correct or not. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not called some sort of name, my pride attacked, or worse. It’s no surprise to me that if one does not have an argument then they must attack the person directly. The ancient ideologies would attack and blame the devil or say one is an agent of the devil. Today, one only needs to be the opposite of the ultimate collection of demographic attributes to be the devil incarnate.

It seems that every ideology needs a villain. It needs an adversary that drives the emotional response needed for an ideology to succeed. A villain to be hated. A thing that should be fought against. the majority of our human race in the western society is the target of that hate. It is the target of that evil. Regardless if it’s true or not, the shaming of any real or imaginary privileges that are stereotyped into the persona of the cis white male is the devil of the intersectional religion. This entire farce is done for one singular purpose, to create a personal victim status at the expense of victimizing people that they know nothing about.

The victims of those who thought the devil was real and witchcraft was a sure sign of the works of the devil met with a stake and a torch. They were hunted down because they felt they needed an adversary in human form to claim to be a victim of witchcraft in some form. Today we have smear campaigns, chain letters trying to get people fired, and more all in the name of intersectionality. Targeted abuse, because to them… words are violence, continues and at the same time they claim to be abused by the words being said. In this, the victim can claim self-defense which is righteous in their mind. Self-defense is the only culturally acceptable form of violence because it is the position of the victim seizing power back from their aggressor.

In reflection, I think that is what plays out in the mind of the intersectional zealot. They’ve been attacked. Or better still, they are defending a group they believe has been attacked. Therefore, the intersectional zealot comes to the defense of, or is in defense of, the oppressed. They may start with words, as is often the case in nearly every altercation. But they dive quickly into violence because it is socially acceptable to defend others. In fact, it is virtuous to defend those that are unable or unwilling to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the intersectional religion has created a deamon, an adversary, to which they can act out their revenge.